Wedding Planning Is *Very* Stressful For majority Of Couples. We will focus on the comparison case on selecting the diamond ring portion of it. Couples are often confused about the choice  and budget of diamond ring. Where the centre solitaire diamond  forms the major cost of the whole diamond ring.

There are two different ways to conserve worth, one is benefits of marketplace value quote , the other one is beyond its cost and irreplaceable. We can verify which one can save value more

Until now couples didn’t have a choice when they wanted to chose a big solitaire diamond ring for the proposal.  Often they had to forgo other luxuries and choices in order to chose that perfect diamond for the solitaire engagement ring.

With advancement in technology the Gem quality lab grown diamond becomes the better option for the couple to chose their 1 carat + Diamond engagement rings.

To calculate the best implication of diamond engagement ring  significance in your life, We believe that lab-cultured diamonds are better than natural (same quality with less price).

Here we will share a hypothetical scenarios of two couples choosing their solitaire diamond for the engagement ring.

Make the smarter choice for your diamond ring

Two couples are planning for their wedding they both have specific budget ($10,000 USD ) for wedding ring.

How the wedding couples would spend their $10,000 ?

how can I choose a diamond engagement ring on a short budget and still make a good future investment choice?

(Wedding Couple I )would buy  1 carat of natural diamond worth  $10,000 USD using all of their budget.

(Wedding Couple II) who will spend money to buy 1 carat of CVD diamond that`s a millenial generation’s best choice spending 1/3rd of their actual budget on the diamond leaving them with unused funds to utilise  for their honeymoon and make their future investment plans

The future scenario after 10 years

Evaluation of future price value:

lab-grown diamonds as well as natural diamond both are real diamond. Both of them can keep the market value.

However, the mechanism of producing and marketing for laboratory-grown diamond is not like the natural diamond has been consider planning and advertising, that lead to the rarity and monopoly.

Currently lab cultured diamond isn’t like natural diamond has the value for resale, that’s because the mechanism of producing and marketing for laboratory-grown diamond is still imperfect.

As soon as the mechanism of its selling has completed, the value of laboratory-grown diamond will be established for sure.

Inestimable price list and Irreplaceable preservation value:

The budget price is the essence of laboratory-grown diamond. Personalization and customization are the quality of laboratory-grown diamond.

The price is affordable, it makes Joy and happiness easily be carried out. It doesn’t cost you lots of money to owned a luxurious diamond. It’s not like natural diamond so unreachable. Especially it is personalized for consumers and who can create exclusive and individual value as your hope. It is remarkable and different from natural diamond.

Where You can buy your lab grown diamond with short budget?

We suggest FinegrownDiamonds as a result of you’ll be able to see a 360-degree video for any diamond before shopping for it.

CVD diamonds make your diamond priceless!


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