A Closer Look at the Different Types of Engagement Ring Settings

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Classic Solitaire

Timeless Elegance for Your Center Stone

A classic solitaire ring setting features a single diamond, set atop a plain metal band.

Vintage Halo

Adding Old-World Charm to Modern Romance

A vintage halo ring setting is characterized by a central diamond, surrounded by a halo of smaller accent stones.

Three-Stone Brilliance

Symbolizing Past, Present, and Future

The three-stone brilliance ring setting features a trio of diamonds, arranged in a row along the ring's band.

Twist Shank Splendor

Unique Design for a Standout Ring

The twist shank ring setting features a band that gracefully spirals or twists as it approaches the center stone.

Cathedral Setting

Elevating Your Diamond to New Heights

The cathedral setting is a ring design where the shoulders of the ring rise up to meet the center stone in an arch or cathedral-like structure

Pave Band Setting

Clean Lines for Understated Chic

A pave setting band refers to a ring encrusted with small diamonds set closely together, creating a continuous sparkling surface line.