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What is hip-hop jewelry called?

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Hip-hop jewelry is often referred to as "bling" or "ice" due to its flashy and luxurious appearance, typically adorned with large, ostentatious gemstones and diamonds in precious metals like gold and platinum.

Rapper chains

Rapper chains refer to large, ornate necklaces worn by rappers and hip-hop artists as a symbol of wealth, status, and style.


Iced-out jewelry

This type of jewelry is typically encrusted with numerous small diamonds, giving it a sparkling and "iced-out" effect.


Women’s hip-hop jewelry

Women's hip-hop jewelry encompasses a range of bold and stylish accessories worn by female artists and enthusiasts within the hip-hop culture.


Animal hip-hop jewelry

Animal hip-hop jewelry is a vibrant and audacious expression of style within the hip-hop culture, featuring bold designs inspired by wildlife and fauna.


Oversized ring

Oversized rings are bold and commanding statement pieces that have become iconic in hip-hop fashion. These rings feature larger-than-life designs, often adorned with diamonds.