Types of Inclusions

in VS2 Diamonds

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In a VS2 clarity diamond, needle inclusions are typically identified as extremely fine and slender crystals that appear like tiny needles when viewed under magnification.

NIddle INclusions


Pinpoints are very tiny crystal inclusions within a diamond that appear as extremely small dots when viewed under magnification. They are often minuscule diamond crystals trapped during the diamond's formation.

PInpoint INclusions


Feathers are internal fractures or cracks within a diamond that resemble the shape of a feather. They can vary in size, length, and visibility depending on their nature and location within the stone.

Feather INclusions


crystal INclusions

Crystal inclusions are small, solid mineral formations trapped inside a diamond during its formation. These crystals can vary in size, shape, and composition and are a common type of inclusion found in diamonds.

Clouds refer to clusters of tiny pinpoint-like or hazy inclusions within a diamond. These inclusions comprise numerous microscopic crystals, gas bubbles, or other foreign materials that appear cloud-like under magnification.


cloud INclusions