We all know diamonds as a precious gem from years and when they are introduced in jewelry then diamond enhances the shine and brilliance of the jewelry.  After recent enhancement in Science, there is a new breed of gem-quality diamonds in the market usually known as lab-grown diamond or man made diamond or cvd diamonds. As we know Natural diamonds are mined from earth core and take millions of years to synthesize in natural conditions whereas Lab grown diamonds are cultivated in a laboratory with futuristic scientific methods. These have created a paradigm shift in the diamond jewelry industry giving power to consumers to chose whether to buy a naturally occurring mined diamond or Lab created a diamond for their engagement rings. Natural diamonds are mostly costly so a middle-class consumer gets a hole in his/her pocket while buying. This makes a great opportunity for lab-grown diamonds to be a viable, long-lasting option to be chosen for a lab-made diamond engagement ring or a wedding band.

Why should someone choose lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds?

The diamonds made in the lab are cheaper than natural diamonds and look very much real.  Lab-grown diamonds are human made cultured diamonds and the diamond creation method is synthetic but is not considered as “fake diamonds”.Lab-made diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamond. If you are budgeted with the specific value it’s actually a real choice which you are making.  Learn more about the different reasons why to chose a lab-created diamond instead of a natural diamond.

Laboratory grown diamonds are gaining prominence among the millennia’s because it gives them a choice to use a real diamond which is more environmentally responsible and Ethical for their Diamond Engagement rings.Lab Grown Diamond engagement ring

Beautiful Rose Gold Ring  studded with lab grown Diamonds


Differentiating lab created diamonds from natural ones:-

Discrimination of natural and lab-created diamonds is a very uphill battle involving a great deal of extreme delicacy and focus on fine points. Whether you are in the market to buy jewelry or to audit your own jewels it is necessary to know the purity and reliability of your crystal. There are several counterparts of diamonds that can easily confuse you with real diamonds by the strong affinity of diamonds such as colorless sapphire, colorless topaz, and colorless zirconium.


Comparison of reselling value of natural and lab grown diamonds:-

The demand for diamonds is quite independent of any resale value. Lab madee diamonds retain their core physical value, brilliance, strength and shine over time are the same as natural diamonds. So, you can almost certainly say that lab-created diamonds are equal to natural diamonds in terms of sparkle and quality. This is to conclude lab-grown diamonds hold just as much value as any other diamonds. The trading value of your old jewelry whether with lab created or natural diamonds will solely depend on the individual supply-demand situations and what jewelers are you going to resale your old jewelry. For a consumer usually, it is advisable to buy diamonds from a jewelry store or outlet where they have some buyback policy.

Evaluation test for diamonds:-

If you are still willing to buy natural diamonds then you can verify through scientific evaluation method.

Diamonds have intrinsic properties by which we can perform various tests like checking specific gravity, refraction index, hardness, fluorescence, dispersion, luster, thermal conductivity, birefringence, pleochroism, and streak. This test requires gemological instruments to perform by using a refractometer or spectrometer for getting details. Another way to identify natural diamonds is internal inclusion which needs a microscope or jeweler’s loupe.

If one can gain enough experience and become well familiar with the way diamonds look and feel you might be able to tell by eye alone that it’s However you should still make sure and approve the test. The verification of diamonds is ambitious because diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity. A consumer should go for GIA certified natural diamonds because reports made by GIA are having accurate standards of reliability, flexibility, and purity. You can quickly and easily confirm that the information on your report is identical and carried out by the GIA database report.


Getting a fascinated diamond for your engagement ring is a milestone decision in everyone’s life. We all want to buy an appropriate diamond with the best knowledge of it. Unfortunately, understanding diamonds takes a lot of domain knowledge which is very hard for a consumer to Source.  According to us, the best choice to buy diamonds with the budgeted figure is lab grown diamonds. You can learn about the 4Cs of a diamond here.


Lab-grown Diamond Expert Advice

You can reach our team of experts to guide you to make the right decision in choosing a diamond for your diamond wedding ring and for understanding the pros and cons of using either type of diamonds.

You can mail us at contact@finegrowndiamonds.com or you can call us on +1 609 363 0415.


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