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Finegrown diamonds is the ideal diamond company to collaborate with for retailers, jewellers, distributors and wholesalers who are looking to work in the diamond industry by associating themselves with only conflict-free,  environment-friendly and premium-quality lab created diamonds. 

Finegrown Diamonds

What is CVD Diamond?

A CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamond is a lab created diamond that is produced artificially in a laboratory unlike the natural diamond which creates itself through natural geological process. Diamond is made using pure carbon that is crystallized in isotropic 3D form.

Why to Choose CVD Diamond?

Mining of the natural diamond leads to abuse of human rights and usage of conflict diamonds.Finegrowndiamonds believes in business practices that are ethical and CVD lab grown diamonds are just the answer to stop these types of illicit practices.

How May I Help You?

We have a large range of diamonds to provide; our diamonds range from 0.01 cent to 5.00 carat. 

Jeweler Support

Lab Diamond size/ type

Our lab diamond inventory ranges from 0.01 ct to 5.00 ct.

Growing Technology

Growing Technology

The CVD diamonds are made by futuristic and top notch machineries.

Lab Diamond size/ type

Jeweler Support

We guarantee 24×7 support both online and offline to our Jewelry customers

Lab Grown Diamond v/s Natural Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond Natural Diamond
Is it a conflict-free? Yes Maybe
Whether it is real or not? 100% 100%
Where does it come from? It is made in the laboratory It is found in the mines
Is it eco-friendly? 100% Not at all
Which is better in terms of quality? Since it is created in laboratory it comes without flaws and is by far of better quality. Cannot predict the quality standards, a complete flawless natural diamond is very very rare and highly expensive.
Is child labor involved? No There is a good chance child labor was engaged
Can you customize it? Yes May or may not be customizable
How long does it live? Forever Forever
Is it artificial? No No
Will the diamond’s shine go away with time? No No
Whether it is a diamond or not? Yes Yes
Which is more affordable? Yes it is very cost effective It may or may not be cheap
Can the same quality be delivered in large quantity? Yes, definitely As its manufactured in controlled conditions. Cannot be determined

What is 4c's of Diamonds​

Diamonds are graded and categorized through its different characteristics in the diamond industry. Any diamond is graded on the basis of 4C’S.

These are the basic details Gemologists and jewelers see in diamonds: 

4cs of Diamonds

Usual Sales Channel


Why Our Price are Low​


This map shows Finegrown Diamonds customers from all over the world.

Why Choose Finegrown Diamonds

The market for loose lab created diamonds is witnessing a rise in recent years, compelling retailers, jewelers, distributors, and wholesalers to buy lab created diamonds over the natural mined diamonds. 

Since consumers are becoming more aware of the dangerous consequences of diamond mining, they are shifting their focus on Lab grown diamonds Environmental concerns, fraudulent marketing strategies, lack of customization, and human rights violations of natural diamonds have paved the way for customers to buy lab created diamonds. But the market of lab made diamonds is still in the development stage, making it difficult for many retailers or wholesalers to purchase loose lab grown Diamonds to from a trustworthy company. 

We at Finegrown Diamonds bring forth an extraordinary opportunity for all the jewelers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to collaborate with us to buy loose man made diamonds at an exemplary rate. 

We manufacture and provide our customers with a wide range of CVD diamonds and HPHT diamonds with top-notch quality and exceptional durability. We use both the CVD and HPHT method for manufacturing the lab grown diamonds which define endurance and perfection. Whether you want to purchase lab grown Diamond for wholesale or lab grown diamonds jewelry, we assure you that our products will be the perfect definition of class with quality. 

Our diamonds are customizable to provide our customers with an exceptional high-end variety of options from pink, blue, or yellow lab created Diamond to green, purple and black and many more options; to ensure that your demands are fulfilled with our endeavors.

Diamonds of clarity FL to I with customization are available for our customers to provide them a wide range of options. You can buy loose lab diamonds from India, the UK, the USA, Russia, or anywhere because we deliver all around the world. Finegrown Diamonds Overseas offices locations are available in USA, UK, and Canada. Though we deliver all around the world, our prices for loose lab created diamonds are affordable as we don’t involve in any third-party dealing; we hand over the products directly to our customers. Rest assured, you can order from anywhere, and we will deliver your product at your doorstep. 

All the solitaire diamonds that you purchase from Fine Grown Diamonds are certified by IGI or GIA to ensure that our customers have full faith in us while purchasing. Moreover, to provide ease in the shopping experience, we provide safe payment methods like PayPal, direct bank transfer with insured hygiene doorstep delivery. 

If you, as a retailer, jeweler, distributor, or wholesaler, want to associate with cruelty-free and conflict-free lab diamonds at an affordable price and other exciting benefits mentioned above, then consider collaborating with us. We, at Finegrown, assure you the best customizable, ethical, stunning, quality lab created diamonds. If you have any diamond-related queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our GIA certified gemologist as we have 24*7 customer service help available to make your shopping experience better.



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