What are CVD lab-grown Diamonds?


A CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamond is a lab created diamond that is produced artificially in a laboratory unlike the natural diamond which creates itself through natural geological process. Diamond is made using pure carbon that is crystallized in isotropic 3D form. More Details

Why chose CVD man made diamonds?

Mining of the natural diamond leads to abuse of human rights and usage of conflict diamonds.Finegrowndiamonds believes in business practices that are ethical and CVD lab grown diamonds are just the answer to stop these types of illicit practices. More Details

Finegrown Diamonds Advantages

Inventory size/ type

Our inventory ranges from diamonds with ctw 0.01  to 5.00 .


The CVD diamonds are made by futuristic and top notch machineries.

Customer Support

We guarantee 24×7 support both online and offline.

Lab Grown Diamond v/s Natural Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond

Natural Diamond

Is it a conflict-free?



Whether it is real or not?



Where does it come from?

It is made in the laboratory

It is found in the mines

Is it eco-friendly?


Not at all

Which is better in terms of quality?

Since it is created in laboratory it comes without flaws and is by far of better quality.

Cannot predict the quality standards, a complete flawless natural diamond is very very rare and highly expensive.

Is child labor involved?


There is a good chance child labor was engaged

Can you customize it?


May or may not be customizable

How long does it live?



Is it artificial?



Will the diamond’s shine go away with time?



Whether it is a diamond or not?



Which is more affordable?

Yes it is very cost effective

It may or may not be cheap

Can the same quality be delivered in large quantity?

Yes, definitely

As its manufactured in controlled conditions.

Cannot be determined

Educate Yourself with the 4 c's of diamonds

The reason why our PRICES are lower than other sellers

This map shows Finegrown diamonds customers from all over the world.

Here is the reason Why Finegrown is the best place to buy CVD-diamonds

The reason you want to buy cvd diamonds from us is quality, but that’s not your sole reason to pick us. Buyers have many other concerns about diamonds and we try to do our best to meet them through our products. Here are why you really want to shop your man made diamonds at Finegrown Diamonds.

As a renowned producer of synthetics diamonds, our priority at all times is quality. Our single most objective is to bring to the market top quality man-made diamonds that are worth the customers’ money. To that end, we have heavily invested in cutting edge technologies, brought industry topper specialists into our folds and partnered up with leading vendors that only deal in the best quality raw materials. As a result, we are able to bring to you top-quality CVD diamonds only.
We try to keep our selection as varied as possible. To be able to give you a generous variety to choose from, we produce diamonds of diverse kinds and carats. A steady focus on diversity has enabled us to bring to you a gallery that comprises copious choices for all.
We are proud to say that all our diamonds are clean and problem-free. In a time when eco-friendliness and ethical diamonds are the need of the hour, we cannot simply ignore the clamor for clean diamonds. We bend over backwards to adhere to the policies of clean and conflict-free so that you buyers can shop without a worry.
You want to buy wholesale CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamonds from Finegrown Diamonds not only because we assure top quality, but also because we assure the same for the smallest price. Not going through wholesalers and suppliers helps us cut down our cost and thereby keep the prices lower than the other sellers.

How Do We Make CVD-Diamonds at Finegrowndiamonds?

Finegrowndiamonds brings to you a colossal collection of CVD diamonds for sale that have fire and sparkle equal to natural diamonds. Our lab grown CVD-diamonds display the same optical characteristics as mined diamonds which make the two inseparable. To top that, our diamonds are clean and environment friendly.

Here is how we produce our lab grown diamonds in the lab:

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition is the process in which we create our diamonds. Behind the scene, we grow them in diamond growth chambers, the internal atmosphere of which is the same as the earth’s core where diamonds originally form.

We use diamond seeds to grow our stones. 15 to 30 of those are set on a disc and put inside the growth chamber. Then our experts start to smoke the chamber with methane and hydrogen gases. This results in the production of plasma.

Inside the chamber, the plasma combines with the superheated gases to create a gaseous sphere. The disc containing diamond seeds are then placed inside a microwave reactor. Temperature inside the reactor is adjusted to anywhere between 900 and 1200C. We believe that temperature is key to the gemstone quality which is why our experts keep a close tab on the heat throughout the process.

The methane that was formerly injected in the chamber together with the hydrogen gases attach itself to the diamond seeds. What happens next is replication of carbon atoms. Atom by atom, the diamonds gain mass and grow in size. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks, which is about21 to 28 days for the process to complete.

During this period, the seeds’ crystal structures grow in all three dimensions. We remove our diamonds from the chamber just when it has achieved its maximum characteristics. Our experts monitor the diamonds every minute of every hour to calculate the precise time of extraction. Outside, they are sent for cutting and polishing.