Orange Lab-Grown Diamond

In a lab-grown, there are orange color shades of diamonds arrived and in an orange lab-grown diamond, there is a red layer and a blue layer on the outside. These layers act as filters that produce a certain color depending on the wavelength of light passing through them.

Natural orange diamonds are the rarest and the orange lab-grown diamond is available on demand because it is made inside lab one. Natural orange diamonds are worth as much as $30,000 per carat approximately price sometimes price goes up demand on availabilities and other side orange lab-grown diamonds price much cheaper than the natural orange ones. Orange lab-grown diamonds have available in SI, VVS1, VVS2, VVS, And other clarity options.

Orange Lab Grown Diamond

What is an Orange lab-grown diamond?

Orange diamonds are made through the same process’s CVD and HPHT after the creation of a normal diamond there is one more LPHT hitting process passed on that can convert normal diamond colors to required diamond colors like orange and others. Orange diamonds have five types of orange-colored shades available Faint orange, light orange, Intense orange, vivid orange, etc. Orange lab diamonds are mostly used as side diamonds in ornaments and are in demand mostly small size of diamonds.

Types of fancy orange-colored diamonds.

In an orange color there are various types of orange colors diamonds arrived and allt those are graded by the GIA like Faint Orange, Fancy Light Orange, Fancy Intense Orange, Fancy Vivid Orange, and Fancy Deep Orange. Fancy orange diamonds can appear with shades ranging from very light to deep orange. The Orange Diamond Intensity color depends on the amount of nitrogen present in the crystal structure and ranges from barely noticeable to intense saturation.

Faint Orange

Faint orange diamonds are very pale orange. This type of color is more common in the most inexpensive diamonds. Faint orange diamonds have a distinctive yellow tint, but they are still considered fancy as they are of high enough quality. The GIA graded a gem several years ago as a fancy light or flashed orange diamond, with an average color grade: VVS1-VS2.

Fancy Light Orange

Fancy Light Orange diamond is of high quality, and it is found in a large number of diamonds that are more than three carats in weight. The color of these diamonds is pure orange, with a hint of yellow-orange.

Fancy Intense Orange

Fancy Intense Orange diamonds have colors ranging from pale yellow to vivid orange, but these kinds of colors are more required by jewelers for fine jewelry like engagement rings, tennis bracelets, etc. This shade of orange diamond shades presence of nitrogen atoms gives the fancy intense orange diamond its characteristic orange-yellow hue.

Fancy Vivid Orange

While it is not as common as the light orange diamond, this type has an intensity or saturation of color. They can have a yellowish tone, greenish, or violet tone to them. These diamonds have vivid orange colors ranging from pale yellow color to deep pink color with an orange hue.

Fancy Deep Orange

In some dark and bluish-gray diamonds, a reddish-orange color may be present when the stone is viewed from certain angles. Under the right lighting conditions, the reddish-orange color may become more intense. Deep orange diamonds are very rare in natural deposits and are usually found as impurities in other colored diamonds. However, artificial deep orange diamonds can be created by introducing nitrogen into a diamond crystal lattice. Colored diamond simulants like synthetic spinel or cubic zirconia have been known to appear in this orange color.

Price of the fancy-orange diamond.

The price of the fancy lab-grown orange diamond is cheaper than a natural orange diamond and it has cost. The value of the orange diamonds depends mostly on their color and condition as well as their location. Usually, the deeper the orange color of a diamond, the more valuable it is. Also, a lighter orange color usually makes diamonds less expensive. In general, fancy lab-grown colored diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds of similar cut and quality.

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