Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

The diamond industry is at the point of a revolution in diamond color with new technology that could make it possible to create any color of the diamond you want for your precious jewelry. In the last 10 years, scientists have been able to grow diamonds from carbon seeds in the laboratory, which are known as lab-grown diamonds or man-made diamonds. Additionally, it can be possible to create colored lab diamonds too.

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Lab Grown Colored Diamond Ring


Lab-created diamonds can be made in an array of colors that are rare to be found in nature. This color occurs in the diamond due to changes in the gas mixture added to the CVD reactor during growth. These gases include methane, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. This process may sound simple but our researchers take thousands of hours to improve this process and create a perfect piece of diamond for you to set on your jewelry.

This process makes high-quality colored lab diamonds with a wide range of shapes, cuts, clarity, etc. All these features are available in the best quality diamonds. If you are searching for a unique engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary gift, etc. These colored diamonds are so popular among many people nowadays and the reason behind this is they may prefer a specific color because it looks more attractive and some people just like the idea of having unique colored diamonds depending on their personality.

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