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9 Advantages of lab Grown diamond

What are Lab Created Diamonds? Lab grown diamonds are the topic of lots of talk right now in the jewellery industry. These lab grown diamonds, can be also known as ‘CVD Diamond’. These are diamonds that are produced above earth. They are created in labs that Follow the conditions of how the earth makes diamonds.…


Buying Guide: Lab Grown Diamonds for Engagement Ring?

We all know diamonds as a precious gem from years and when they are introduced in jewelry then diamond enhances the shine and brilliance of the jewelry.  After recent enhancement in Science, there is a new breed of gem-quality diamonds in the market usually known as lab-grown diamond or man made diamond or cvd diamonds.…


Shop a diamond engagement ring on a short budget

Wedding Planning Is *Very* Stressful For majority Of Couples. We will focus on the comparison case on selecting the diamond ring portion of it. Couples are often confused about the choice  and budget of diamond ring. Where the centre solitaire diamond  forms the major cost of the whole diamond ring. There are two different ways…


What Is SI Diamond Clarity?

Diamonds whose clarity is ranked SI area unit in style among patrons as these stones area unit loads more cost-effective than higher clarity diamonds. Let’s see what SI clarity suggests that, however, it compares with alternative clarity grades, and once shopping for SI-clarity diamonds may be a smart plan. SI Clarity and alternative Grades SI…

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WHY LAB CREATED DIAMONDS ARE BETTER THAN NATURAL ONES? A few years back, it was as yet thought about the Holy Grail, mechanically, to have the capacity to make gemstone-quality jewels in a lab. Researchers have been attempting to do it since the 1950s, with just constrained achievement: The outcomes were little (under a carat)…