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Lab Grown Diamonds Price ( In $ USD) Chart (HPHT) Round Brilliant Cut, SI,E-F

SI Clarity Lab grown Diamonds are Best Value for Money.

SI clarity lab grown diamonds are hugely chosen for jewelry as they are very affordable in pricing compared to VS, VVS and IF clarity diamonds.SI stands for Slight Inclusion which are easily seen under 10x magnification but are difficult to be seen by human eyes in SI clarity lab created diamonds.

Learn more about SI1 and SI2 clarity grown lab diamonds

There are two sub-categories in SI clarity of the grown diamond, which are SI1 and SI2. With SI1 clarity of man made diamonds, the inclusion is not visible to the naked eyes and would require magnification lens to spot them. While in SI2 graded lab created diamonds, some inclusions are visible by naked eyes, so it becomes imperative for a consumer to check and chose while selecting SI2 clarity lab made diamond. 

SI1 and SI2 Diamonds

One should prefer a diamond with smaller inclusions over the number of inclusions in a single lab diamond because smaller impurities won’t be visible with normal vision. Sometimes visibility of impurities depends on the angle you are inspecting SI2 clarity diamonds; If you look from the top, you might not see any inclusion, but if you are examining it from sides, the inclusion will be visible in most cases.

SI lab made diamonds are most preferred in USA

The inclusion in SI clarity lab grown diamond under 1 carat are rarely visible with normal eyesight. That’s why consumers prefer SI clarity lab grown loose diamonds (Under 1-carat single diamond size) for their jewelry pieces as it provides value for money proposition.

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