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Why do People most choose VVS and VS Lab Grown Diamonds?

I’m sure you know the 4C’s of Diamond (Colour, Carat, Clarity, Cut). But did you know there are many sub-categories of 4C’s are there like in “Clarity” there are FL(Flawless), VVS(Very Very Slightly Included), VS(Very Slightly Included), SI(Slightly Included) and I(Included).

When buying a lab created engagement diamond ring or grown diamond earring people would prefer/buy the VVS clarity Lab created Diamond more than the FL clarity due to the price premium, the FL clarity would command. Also, you cannot say the difference by naked eyes or even with the 10x magnification easily; you needed microscope and experience eyes for sporting the different. As VVS Lab Grown Diamond Stand for very very slightly Included its mean it has almost non-visible flaws (called diamond inclusions).

VVS1 And VVS2 Lab grown diamonds

In VVS Clarity, there are two-part VVS1 and VVS2.VVS1 has little less flaw then VVS2 that is the only difference in them. As we know how much Lab grown Diamond are affordable as same shin and spark as Natural Diamond. Purchase it single or wholesale Lab Grown Diamond will never Disappoint you. People nowadays also prefer lab grown diamonds for tennis bracelet as it looks more luxuries, but it’s totally cost-cutting and eco-friendly as well.

VS clarity knowledge in lab created diamonds:

It’s challenging to make out the difference between VS and VVS clarity lab grown diamonds with naked eyes, and one would even find it difficult to tell the difference even with a 10x magnification lens as the inclusions in VS lab created diamonds are minor. Inclusions like cloud, feather, needle, crystal, indented natural are there. But the price of VS is 10-20% lower than VVS, which make it favorable among people.

On using 10X magnification in the scope, it’s tough to see inclusion in VS1 clarity lab-made diamonds. In contrast, they are relatively visible in VS2 diamonds, which means the inclusions are little more significant in VS2 clarity lab grown diamonds compared to the VS1.

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Vs1 And VS2 Diamonds
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