Yellow Lab-Grown Diamond

Lab diamonds are diamonds that have undergone laboratory testing to determine their color grade and clarity. There are multi types of colored lab diamonds are available such as white, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple, and black; And, the lab diamonds are graded from D through Z based on the amount of light they reflect. Yellow lab diamonds are graded from G through P, based on the amount that they absorb. The most common fancy yellow diamonds are high clarity and flawless cut, while others might be given an adjective like intense or vivid to describe their color and/or clarity, sometimes accompanied by a letter grade like F or VS2 clarity ratings. 

Yellow Lab Grown Diamond

What Are Yellow Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab chamber through a two-process CVD and HPHT process but manufacturers like us developed lab-grown diamonds through CVD mostly. In a yellow lab-grown diamond there are other yellow shades also available such as a light yellow, dark deep yellow, and canary yellow diamond.

How are yellow lab diamonds made?

Colored lab-grown diamonds are made in the same process as white ones but for color in a lab process, and to get the required colors, the LPHT process should be repeated over diamonds to bring colors to diamonds.

The most common type of colored diamond is pink or red. Pink diamonds have no blue and yellow colors. They can be found in the rough form at the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) Diamond Trading Company (DTC).

Types of fancy yellow color lab diamonds.

Yellow diamonds come in various types of shades of colors available. These can be identified with an adjective such as vivid, intense, dark shade, light shade, and deep color to describe their color, or a letter grade such as D or IF, with the latter being the highest quality since it has no noticeable inclusions. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades all gemstones and assigns each a grade based on these categories: Fancy Light, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid.

Fancy Light Yellow

Light shades are the most common types of yellow diamonds, making up about 70% of all yellow diamonds. Light shades are graded between G and J, with a J being one of the highest grades for this type. Since these grades range from very light to almost colorless, they can be confused with white diamonds. However, a closer look at the diamond’s features (such as distinctness and depth) will help you tell them apart.

Fancy Dark Yellow

Fancy Dark yellow diamonds are diamonds with strong yellow characteristics, ranging from H through K in terms of color grading. In order to determine the diamond’s tone, it is still better to use the features of the diamond instead of its color.

Fancy Deep Yellow

Deep-yellow gems are graded J through N in terms of color. However, like their lighter counterparts, their appearance greatly depends on other characteristics such as light and darkness as well as brilliancy and depth.

Fancy Intense Yellow

Today, there is a trend to create more intense yellows. This makes the bright orange to yellow-orange stones more popular. They have a higher level of saturation, so the bluish tone is very apparent. Their high color intensity also makes them desirable in fashion jewelry, and they are often found with some clarity and/or cut characteristics to make them look even brighter.

Fancy Vivid Yellow

Fancy Vivid yellow diamonds have intense, very saturated yellows with a distinctive bluish hue. They are more difficult to distinguish from the red shades of red diamonds since they look completely similar to white diamonds. However, you can judge them easier with help from other features. The color saturation is so high that it makes them hard to compare to other types of yellow diamonds since they can be mistaken for their red counterparts if given equal lighting conditions.

How are Fancy Color Lab Diamonds Graded?

Colored lab diamond grades were measured with the same 4cs as just normal diamond grades measured – cuts, color, clarity, and carats includes. In colored lab-grown diamond, there is only a difference in a color grade other prospects are the same. There are D to Z grades given to normal diamonds including how much tint it has but in colored diamonds like this yellow lab diamond that is scaled with Z grade.

Fancy Colored Lab-Grown Scale

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, Or Fancy Dark

If you are comparing the grading system between a natural diamond and lab-created diamonds there are the same grading happens. You can buy lab diamonds colored with IGI certification.

Price of yellow-colored diamonds;

Natural diamonds are costlier and lab diamonds are 30% cheaper than real ones but fancy color natural diamonds are rare and the cost is much higher compared to lab-grown colored diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are made in 4 weeks and on the other side natural diamond take billions of years to get foam. There is a lab-grown diamond with a deep, canary yellow color-based diamond more in demand rather than lighter shades, and prices go fluctuate based on demand and supply based.

Different ways to use fancy yellow color diamonds;

The fancy yellow-colored diamonds with more intense saturation are often combined with white diamonds, colorless diamonds, and light-colored diamonds for a unique look. They are also perfect for extreme fashion jewelry, especially stud earrings, which look very exotic and trendy. The combination of these precious stones with yellow gold makes a unique combination that will stand out in any successful fashion jewelry. 

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