Buying Guide: Lab Grown Diamonds for Engagement Ring Explained in 6 Easy Steps


Lab grown diamonds are the new trend. People prefer purchasing lab made diamonds over natural diamonds owing to various reasons such as:

  • Lab diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds
  • They are cruelty-free and conflict-free
  • They are environment friendly
  • They can be customized according to one’s requirements
  • They have similar properties to those present in natural diamonds.
  • They are much shinier and brighter than mined diamonds.

These are the few reasons why lab manufactured diamonds are being loved by everyone so much. No matter what occasion it is, a lab cultivated diamond is a perfect choice. One can use it for making various jewelry pieces such as necklace, rings, bracelet, bangles, pendants or earrings and specially The ENGAGEMENT RINGS. You can have it customized in a particular design of your desire. 

Also, lab made diamond jewelry makes a suitable gifting option as well to your loved ones on their special occasions such as birthday, wedding or anniversaries but if you’re still confused what shapes and color to go for we’re always here to help.

Diamonds are glamorous pieces of happiness and joy which one can own with pride. You can flaunt these at any occasion and look your very best.

Lab diamonds make the perfect embellishment for engagement rings.

Is your engagement around the corner? and you are confused about your engagement ring selection? You took opinions from many people but still not able to decide which type of engagement ring would suit you best? Worry no more! Finegrown diamonds has got you covered with this truly informative blog which will provide you with a step by step buying guide on how you could choose the perfect engagement ring for your special day. Read on till the end and get all your doubts cleared as you keep reading.

Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Explicit research is the key

The very primary step of getting started is to do good research since research is the key to unlock all confusions. I am glad your research has brought you to our blog of best lab diamond buying guide for engagement rings. 

Once you have decided on purchasing a lab grown diamond as embellishment for your engagement ring since they are the most trending and smart option available. Next, unfailing you need to see that a reputed company or brand is selling the lab diamond you select. Some online companies can upload false information which leads to fraudulence, so be sure of the brand you purchase from.

How to know if the diamond you have purchased is a real lab made diamond?

A real lab manufactured diamond will always come with a grading done from a respected laboratory such as GIA, IGI or EGL. Always ask for a grading report of the diamond which you purchase. If you do not receive a diamond grading report along with your purchase, then in all probability you have been tricked into buying an artificial diamond for the price of a lab diamond. 

Never forget the grading report; it is a must. The lab diamonds would be priced at almost 30-40% less than that of a natural diamond of the same grade and size. So, keep these two crucial points in mind while making a purchase.

Step 2: Look for what is available according to your preferences

Lab made diamond can be customized according to one’s requirements, but they are not available in all sizes and shapes yet. You need to be cautious while picking one for yourself. If the diamond of your preference is not available, then you can choose the next best option which you find, clearly because lab created diamonds make a better choice over any other precious gemstone.

Example: If you wished to purchase a unique looking yet sophisticated lab diamond of over 1.50 carat for the engagement ring and could not find one, then you can look at it from a creative perspective and go for a round diamond halo ring which could be studded in octagon halo. This would give you the exact appearance which you wished to have. 

Step 3: Select the style of your engagement ring

The next step is to select the desired style for your engagement ring. You can look for inspiration and ideas on Pinterest, looking at the catalogue of various jewelry brands and also take opinions from friends and family. 

If still, you cannot make a decision, you can always opt for a solitaire design. It will, for sure, make you stand out from the crowd and all eyes will be on your sparkly engagement ring. Also, you must thoroughly read the return policy of the brand before making a purchase. In case you wish to exchange the diamond, ring or have sizing issues.

Step 4: Go for a fancy color to make your engagement ring appear exquisite

Diamonds made in the lab are available in a range of fancy colors such as pink, yellow, blue, etc. This gives you more options to choose from beyond just sparkly white diamonds which are very common. Natural colored diamonds are scarce and are highly expensive, comparatively colored lab diamond is much more affordable and gives you the eclectic and royal feel as well.

If you are a person who loves sapphires and rubies, then you can opt for a colored lab diamond which will give you a similar appearance at a fraction of cost.

Step 5: Be careful to purchase within your budget

Lab made diamond is quite affordable compared to all other gemstones and natural diamonds. So, there you have got the best deal for your investment already. 

In case you are running short on budget, you can try opting for a smaller carat (size) of diamond and can select one which has comparatively more inclusions. For more information – 4C’s

More inclusions will mean a lower grade of diamond along with a lower price. However, more inclusions do not affect the appearance of the diamond, since most of the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. Once the diamond gets studded onto the engagement ring, the inclusions will furthermore not be visible. So, always choose wisely and within your limits. 

Step 6: Get your engagement ring customized for yourself

In case you have a particular design in mind, you can get it customized according to your requirements from the jewelry. Lab diamonds can be personalized according to one’s needs, so do not hesitate to share any specific design or style which you prefer.

You have finally made the most suitable choice.

Now, you have perfected the art of selecting an excellent lab diamond engagement ring. You can now flaunt the best lab made diamond engagement ring on your special day to all your friends, family and folks. 

Amaze them with your brilliant taste and unique selection. You can hover on to various jewels brands and then select the deal which offers you the best quality and style at optimum price. 

Lab-grown Diamond Expert Advice:

You can reach our team of experts to guide you to make the right decision in choosing a diamond for your diamond wedding ring and for understanding the pros and cons of using either type of diamonds.

You can mail us at or you can call us on +1 609 363 0415.

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