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Cushion Cut Diamonds Information

The Cushion Cut Diamond was a square with round corners, which is famous since the diamonds are discovered almost 200 years ago, but in the 20th-century, demand decreases, but thanks to the modern technology that this cut is making a reappearance and becoming popular again. Cushion Shape diamond has 58 facets with four curved corners (hence the name), which makes it perfect for any studded jewelry. Therefore, it shows the best result in a fancy colored diamond. Typically, it doesn’t retain the color as well as other cuts, so a diamond with a color grade of at least H is recommended for this cut.

Celebrities like Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara, who have the most expensive Cushion cut diamond ring in their collection. For the best size, 1 to 1.10 was perfect in a Cushion cut diamond.

Diamond Requirements

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Cushion cut Diamonds
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Cushion MM SizeCushion Carat Weight
4.02 mm.0.40 ct.
4.09 mm.0.50 ct.
5.25 mm.0.75 ct.
5.05 mm.1.00 ct.
6.00 mm.1.25 ct.
6.05 mm.1.50 ct.
7.00 mm.2.00 ct.
7.05 mm.2.50 ct.
Cushion MM SizeCushion Carat Weight
8.0 mm.3.00 ct.
8.5 mm.3.50 ct.
9.0 mm.4.12 ct.
9.5 mm.5.09 ct.
10 mm.5.62 ct.
11 mm.7.44 ct.
12 mm.9.52 ct.
13 mm.12.66 ct.
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