Heart Cut

Heart Diamond size chart

Heart Cut Diamonds Size Chart  in MM

The Heart Shape Diamond are Represent the affection and love toward the person. Heart cut diamond is mainly used in solitaires pendent nowadays. While the Heart cut diamond does also look stunning in rings. The heart-shaped diamond has been created in the year 1463, but there are very limited to no proofs backing it. It consists of 58 facets. The ideal length-to-width is considered to 0.85-1.00 for a ring.

Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor (17th century Taj Mahal Diamond), Joan Collins, Katherine McPhee, and Carla Bruni are having the beautiful Heart cut diamond. It is very much preferable nowadays for the Anniversary ring and Engagement ring.

Diamond Requirements

Heart cut Diamond Size Chart
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Heart MM SizeHeart Carat Weight
3.05 mm.0.18 ct.
4.00 mm.0.25 ct.
4.25 mm.0.28 ct.
4.05 mm.0.34 ct.
4.75 mm.0.38 ct.
5.00 mm.0.50 ct.
5.05 mm.0.61 ct.
6.00 mm.0.75 ct.
6.25 mm.0.83 ct.
6.05 mm.1.00 ct.
7.00 mm.1.25 ct.
7.05 mm.1.50 ct.
Heart MM SizeHeart Carat Weight
8.00 mm.2.00 ct.
8.05 mm.2.50 ct.
9.00 mm.3.00 ct.
10.0 mm.3.50 ct.
11.0 mm.4.41 ct.
12.0 mm.5.66 ct.
13.0 mm.7.88 ct.
14.0 mm.9.38 ct.
15.0 mm.10.79 ct.
16.0 mm.13.27 ct.
18.0 mm.15.33 ct.
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