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Oval Diamond size chart

Oval Cut Diamond in Carat

The Oval Shape Diamond is first created in 1960 by Lazare Kaplan. It became loveable among people because of its character, which is the same as the classic round cut diamond. Still, it also looks more prominent then round cut, which also makes the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer because of its oval shape. It has 56 facets and most suitable 1.35 to 1.50 side of the diamond.

Scarlett Johansson, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge), and Blake Ellender Lively are Some well-known Celebrities who have owned the oval cut diamond ring in their hand. One of the famous and largest “Koh-i-Noor” diamond is also in the shape of an oval.

If you are the person who loves classic with a little edge, then this Oval Cut Diamond is the best match for you.

The Oval Cut diamond, significant for its most famous royal design, gives your jewelry a refining touch. If you are a fan of the round cut diamond but want to refine your look, an oval cut diamond is a right choice for you. Oval cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes prevalent since 1304. 

Oval cut diamond rings are perfect for a unique, stunning look. The shape of an oval cut diamond ring perfectly fits the finger, giving them a royal, sumptuous look, classic enough to grab all the eyeballs. 

The world’s largest diamond, Koh-i-Noor, is also an oval cut diamond. You can see celebrities like Hailey Rhode Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge), and Blake Ellender Lively, rocking the oval cut diamond rings with style!

Oval Cut Diamond Size Chart
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Oval Diamond Size Chart
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Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
4.5×3.5 mm.0.21 ct.
5×3 mm.0.21 ct.
5.5×3.5 mm.0.33 ct.
5×4 mm.0.35 ct.
6×4 mm.0.50 ct.
6×5 mm.0.61 ct.
6.5×4.5 mm.0.65 ct.
7×5 mm.0.75 ct.
7.7×5.7 mm.1.00 ct.
8×6 mm.1.25 ct.
9×6 mm.1.41 ct.
8.5×6.5 mm.1.50 ct.
9×7 mm.2.00 ct.
Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
10×8 mm.2.50 ct.
10.5×8.5 mm.2.88 ct.
12×8 mm.3.00 ct.
11×9 mm.3.85 ct.
12×10 mm.5.05 ct.
14×10 mm.5.81 ct.
13×11 mm.6.05 ct.
14×12 mm.8.21 ct.
15×12 mm.8.76 ct.
16×12 mm.9.32 ct.
16×14 mm.11.88 ct.
18×13 mm.12.86 ct.
20×15 mm.14.96 ct.
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