Diamond Girdle: What Is It & Why Important?

Diamond Girdle

Diamond Girdle is important part of in diamond because of it is define the qualities; go further check out more about this you have go it is the first thing you need to know about this. A Girdle is the thin perimeter of a diamond that divides the crown from the pavilion. The diamond’s shape is determined by its girdle. All diamonds have a girdle and they vary in size from extremely thin to extremely thick, thinner the girdle gets, the higher the risk of chipping. Loose diamonds are measured by the girdle and this measurement is displayed in millimeters.

Although diamond girdles are rare, they do exist. They are very thin, notably less than .04 millimeters, but, some of them have a number of flaws that decrease the value of the diamond by 20% to 30%. Diamonds with a thinner girdle are more susceptible to damage and also less likely to last through their life.

Why Is Diamond Girdle So Important?

 A girdle has a major importance when it comes to the all-around appearance of a diamond that includes diamond’s total depth, crown angle height, pavilion facets depth, and culet size are all expressed as percentages of its girdle. It has the ability to make or break its visual appeal. Girdles can be cut diamond and faceted to make a diamond more or less eye-catching, depending on the stonecutter. The most important is a diamond’s overall depth can also be decided accordingly by its girdle.

How Is Diamond Girdle Graded?

It is graded by looking at the diamond girdle thickness with the help of magnification, this means it is graded by the size of the diamond girdle. It should be velvet smooth all the way around. The degree of thickness should not be so thin or so thick that it looks like a ring of diamonds. This grading is also the same for loose diamonds. The point to be noted here is that girdle thickness is very important when considering a diamond whether it’s for loose diamonds or mounted ones.

How Girdle Increase Value In Diamond?

Cut, color, clarity, and other characteristics can all have an impact on the diamond. But how does a girdle affect it? When people are looking at a diamond, the girdle is the only thing they see.

The Diamond Girdle alters the overall appearance of the diamond by adjusting the depth, crown height, and pavilion depth. The size of the crown, for example, is precisely proportional to the size of the diamond girdle, and the pavilion and culet are similarly proportional.

The shape of a diamond is determined by its girdle, which also influences its carat weight, durability, fire, and brilliance, as well as its price.

Carat Weight;

The thickness of a diamond’s girdle can affect its carat weight. In general, the lighter the girdle, the lighter the diamond. A diamond with a thick girdle is also hefty. A diamond’s girdle thickness is measured in millimeters.


The thickness of a diamond’s girdle has an impact on its durability. The girdle will be more durable if it is thicker. However, an extremely thin girdle might come with its own set of issues. The thinner the girdle, the more sensitive it is, and the more likely it is to be chipped or broken.

Fire and Brilliance;

A diamond’s girdle can also affect its fire and brightness. It will dazzle less if the girdle is too thick, and it will have a poor light return. However, a diamond’s fire and brilliance are also determined by its cut quality.

Girdle Rating Scale;

Diamond Girdle Rating Scale

As mentioned above the diamond girdle is varies in the scale of extremely thin to extremely thick. So, here’s how to choose the perfect diamond girdle thickness on a scale:

Extremely Thin:- The thickness of this girdle is so thin that it is nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. It has a high likelihood of chipping or breaking.

Very Thin:- This girdle is very thin, but not as thin as an extremely thin girdle. There is a chance that it may chip or break. But it is better for jewelry than an extremely thin one. 

Medium:- The medium thickness used in the girdle it is not extremely thin and extremely thick. It has enough to make it look perfect for every piece of jewelry. It can be used to set a diamond safely without worrying about the chances of it being broken.

Slightly Thick:- This girdle is slightly thicker than a medium one, and It is better than a thick and extremely thick diamond girdle. If you are looking a slightly thick diamond girdle can be used for any type of ring and engagement ring.

Thick:- This girdle is not thin at all and it’s thicker than a slightly thick girdle, it can be perfect among thick girdle diamonds as compared to others. It can also be used in setting a diamond to add more durability to the appearance of the stone.

Very Thick:- This girdle is almost as thick as the above one. But this will have a significant impact on the diamond’s cut grade and weight of a diamond. 

Extremely Thick:- The thicker girdle of an extremely thick diamond is very thick, almost ring in a diamond. Because this grade is thicker than the others, it is not recommended for jewelry or engagement rings. Diamond girdles can be delicate as well as long-lasting. To get the most out of a girdle, you must first understand its value.

Diamond Girdles Are Available In A Variety Of Finishes.

The girdle diameter of a diamond comes in a few different finishes, that include; polished girdle, bruted girdle, faceted girdle, rough girdle. Depending on the form of the diamond, each of these girdles has a unique appearance.

A diamond with a girdle of high polish will look doubly more beautiful than a diamond with a rough and dull girdle, the rough diamond girdle is the one that was not cut in any way. And faceted girdles are one the most popular type of girdles used for diamonds. A faceted girdle is one that has been cut into facets; it has fine cuts on all sides and can be shiny and radiant like a gemstone.

The Different Kinds Of Girdle:

Girdles come in a variety of forms to fit various diamond shapes and it appears with laser inscription process. Diamonds like rounded diamonds, pear cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, and princess cut diamonds will all have an extra curvature if they are developed by a faceted girdle. A diamond can also be developed by its polished girdle; but, it won’t alter the shape of the diamond that much.


A polished girdle has been polished and there is no visible trace of any sort of cutting. This type of girdle is used for some diamond shapes, generally found on step cuts and princess cuts diamond and its finish adds to the beauty of the piece. 


A faceted girdle is one that has been cut into facets; it is the most popular one today for diamond girdles. The faceted girdle enhances the light performance and sparkle of diamonds. It is the most recommended style of the girdle. 


A rough girdle is a diamond girdle that has not been polished. And they are not recommended for girdle light performance, rough girdles can damage a diamond’s appearance and its sparkle, rough girdles not as attractive and it is also not as durable as a polished and faceted girdle.

Final thoughts

Girdles play an important role in enhancing the appearance of diamonds and the cut of diamond girdles also have an impact on the diamond’s grade and price. It is important to know the value of the girdles of the diamond before buying. The best diamond girdle is the one that is valued and recommended. 


What Diamond Girdle Is Best?

A diamond’s girdle should be thin enough to be light, but thick enough to be durable. Because the girdle contributes to the overall beauty of a diamond, it should be of the highest quality, without being excessively thin or thick.

A medium faceted diamond girdle would be considered best for any sort of diamond shape because the faceted ones are very attractive and ideal for setting any variety of jewelry.

Does Diamond Girdle Matter?

Diamond girdles are one of the most important components of a diamond, and their cut has a significant impact on its beauty and value. A diamond with a thin girdle is more likely to break, chip, or lose its luster. A diamond also gains and loses weight because of the girdle. The cut grade is also heavily influenced by the diamond’s girdle; it affects the stone’s overall beauty and sparkle.

How Much Does A Diamond Girdle Matter?

Because the cut quality of a diamond can affect its worth, the Diamond Girdles play an important function in enhancing the appearance of diamonds and their value.

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