Diamond Cuts And Shapes [Guide How To Pick]

Diamond Cuts and Shapes

A diamond cuts and shapes guide provide to jewelers and for those who are interested to buy diamond jewelry or want to order custom diamond jewelry. When buying loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, it can be tricky to choose the shape of a stone you want. Diamond Shapes Education and Guide aims to provide all the information the buyer needs, regarding different sizes, shapes, and prices. The guide also includes a section on how to pick diamonds regarding their 4Cs; cut color, clarity, and carat. And a section for those who are looking for diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and more.

About Diamond Shapes

This is the last factor that affects the value and beauty of a diamond. The shape of a diamond means the way it is cut into. This means an outline shape of the diamond a round, oval, pear, marquise, heart, emerald, cushion, princess, radiant, radiant, or emerald cut. Different shapes give different looks to the diamond. For example, a round diamond gives a more elegant look. An emerald-cut diamond will look beautiful with a black dress. And a princess-cut diamond will look great with a strapless gown. All shapes are available for purchase. You can choose between buying a round, emerald, princess, or fancy-shaped diamond.

Guide of Diamond Shape

There is a wide range of diamond shapes from which you can choose one for your diamond jewelry. Most diamond shapes are round, oval, pear, princess, emerald, heart, marquise, radiant, cushion, baguette, and so on. Each shape has its own beauty and characteristics. Some diamond shapes have been chosen because they are easier to work with than others. If you are not sure what kind of shape you want, the following guide will help you to determine which shape is right for you.

The most common diamond shape is the round diamond. It is often used in rings, earrings, and pendants. Round diamonds come in many different sizes, but they are usually small. They are perfect if you want something simple and classic. Oval diamonds are also very popular today. They are large and show off well. However, Pear-shaped diamonds are similar to oval shapes. And they are good for people who like simplicity and elegance. Princess-shaped diamonds are also one of the most popular diamond shapes. They are very feminine and make a statement. Emerald-cut diamonds are another popular diamond shape. They are shaped like an emerald. Heart-shaped diamonds are shaped like a heart. They are a little smaller than other shapes. They have a very romantic and sweet look. 

Most Popular Diamond Shape In 2022

There’s so many shapes and sizes to choose from. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular diamond shapes in demand in 2021 and will be popular even in 2022 year. You can choose these popular shapes for your engagement ring, wedding ring, or any kind of diamond jewelry.


Round Cut | Diamond Cuts And Shapes

The Round Brilliant is the original diamond shape made up of 57-58 facets. Its popularity has made it one of the most common shapes on the market today. They are simple yet elegant. They are perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. You can find round diamonds in various sizes. Round diamonds are available in different cuts.



This diamond shape is known for being very feminine and elegant. It is a square-shaped stone with 90-degree corners and this shape is oriented in the united states in 1980. Princess-cut diamonds have 57 facets. They are available in a variety of colors including white, yellow, rose, champagne, and even light pink. 


Cushion Diamond Cut | Diamond Cuts And Shapes

Cushion-cut diamonds are shaped differently than other types of diamonds. Their shapes are square or rectangular with rounded corners and sides. They’re considered to be a more vintage type of round diamond. And have facets between 58-64 facets. 


Emerald-cut diamond cut and shapes

Emerald-cut diamonds are usually rectangular-shaped. Their edges are beveled or stepped to give them depth. The high transparency of these gems requires higher standards of clarity. Emerald-cut diamonds have 58 facets. They are also called “emerald” diamonds because of their greenish color. 


Oval Diamond Cut | Diamond Cut And Shapes

Ovals are similar to rounds but with an elongated shape. Oval shape diamonds are very popular among women who love long necklaces. In most cases, oval shape diamonds are cut in the brilliant faceting style, which means 57 or 58 facets, similar to a round brilliant, giving it the same visual appeal. You can choose oval shape diamond solitaire engagement ring for your engagement ring jewellery catalogue or you can buy your self as well.


Asscher Diamond Cut

This diamond shape was invented by the famous diamond cutter Joseph Asscher. He introduced this design in 1902. Asscher’s use many of the same cutting methods as emeralds, but they are unique because of their angled and cropped corners. These angles create a timeless look. It is like a square shape diamond with 57 step facets. 


Pear Diamond Cut

These pear-shaped diamonds are oval-shaped with one sharp side. They have a softer appearance than other diamond shapes. They are typically sold at lower prices than other shapes. Pear-cuts come in a variety of styles. Pear-cuts are best suited for people who prefer a softer look. They can also be used to accentuate smaller features on your face.

A Guide to Choose Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and fire. A well-cut diamond will sparkle better than a poorly cut diamond. When you look at a diamond, what you see is not always what you get. If you want to know if a diamond has been cut properly, look at the facets. Look closely at the facets of a diamond and you should see lots of tiny little lines radiating out from the center of the diamond. If you don’t see any lines then the diamond may have been cut improperly. The cut grades range from excellent cut to poor cut. 

GIA Cut Grade evaluation based on girdle thickness, culet size, and finish;

ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor

AGS Cut Grade evaluation based on light quality, proportion, and 

Ideal1  2 3  45  6  78  9  10

Popular Diamond cut

The most popular type of diamond cut is the ideal cut and a very good cut. This cut is often used for engagement rings. The very good cut is similar to the ideal cut except that there are fewer lines. The very good cut gives the diamond more brilliance and fire. You can choose any cut depending on your budget. The better cut you choose the costlier your diamond will be. But if you want something really special, go for the ideal cut. And if you are looking for something that has more sparkle and brilliance then go for an excellent cut. 

Popular Diamond Color, Clarity, And Carat

When buying a diamond it is very important to select a diamond regarding their 4cs. Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Each of these factors affects how much a diamond will cost. Here are some tips when selecting a diamond:


Color refers to the diamond color that ranges from natural white to yellowish tint that occurs naturally within a diamond. White diamonds are rarer than colored diamonds. Colored diamonds come in shades of pink, blue, brown, green, orange, red, purple, etc. There are two main types of color: hue and saturation. Hue is the overall color of a diamond while saturation refers to the intensity of the color. Saturation is measured using a scale ranging from D (lightest) to Z (darkest). The higher the number, the darker the color. To determine the color of a diamond, use the GIA or AGS grading system.

Most popular diamond color

The most popular diamond color you can choose is between D to J color. These colors are considered neutral colors. If you want a brighter diamond, choose K to M color. If you want a darker diamond, choose N to P color.


A diamond’s clarity indicates the number of imperfections present in a diamond. Each diamond has a certain level of clarity. The clarity levels range from flawless to included. Flawless means no flaws whatsoever. Included means some minor imperfection like a blemish or a small inclusion. Inclusions are usually dark spots inside the diamond. They do not affect the diamond’s value as much as it does its appearance. Some people prefer to keep inclusions in their diamonds because they make them appear larger. But this is a purely personal preference.

CategoryFlawlessInternally FlawlessVery Very Slightly IncludedVery Slightly IncludedSlightly IncludedIncluded

Most popular diamond clarity

The most common clarity you can find is IF which stands for internally flawless. It is the highest grade of clarity. A diamond with IF clarity has no visible imperfections. An example would be a diamond with SI1 clarity. This diamond has one tiny flaw but it is so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. VS1 and VS2 are also some of the most common clarity grades.


Carat weight is another factor that affects the value of a diamond. It refers to the mass of a diamond in short it is the weight to the size of a diamond. A large carat diamond will be heavier than a smaller carat diamond. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams and 1 carat is also called 100 points. 

1 carat100 points
Three-Quarter Carat75 points
Half Carat50 points
Quarter Carat25 points

The most popular diamond carat 

The most used carat is 1.00 Carat You can see why because this is the standard size of engagement rings. However, if you have a budget constraint then you can go for half carats. Half carats are great for earrings and pendants.

Guide to Buying Diamond Jewelry With Shape

Buying jewelry is not always easy. You need to know how to choose the right kind of diamond shape for jewelry. Here are some tips:

Choose the Right ring Style;

Diamond engagement ring

The classic shape for engagement rings is round diamonds because they are the most popular choice for bridal jewelry. These diamonds are available in different sizes and colors. The price depends on the size of the stone.

Oval-shaped diamonds can be used for both engagement and wedding bands. Because these diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds, they are often reserved for special occasions.

If you want to go for something different, try a heart-shaped diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds are perfect if you want to express your feelings for someone.

Diamond pendant 

A pendant is a small piece of jewelry worn around your neck. Pendants can be made out of any material. But most commonly, they are made from gold, silver, platinum, or white gold. A pendant is a great way to show off your personality. Choose a pendant that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Oval shape and emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for solitaire diamonds pendants. If you want to make a statement, choose a large-sized gemstone.


What are some other shapes?

There are many shapes of a diamond is available, some of the other shapes include; trilliant cut, square cut, pentagon cut, hexagon cut, octagon cut, shield shape, etc. 

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