How Diamond Shapes Affect The Price?

How Diamond Shapes Affect The Price

Have you ever thought about how diamond shapes affect the price? And what makes the price of diamonds different? This is because of the cut of a diamond, which means the way it is shaped. Diamonds can differ in price by more than 30% depending on their cut.

Maybe you’ve heard that fancy cuts are less expensive than round ones. But why are they less expensive than round brilliant cuts? Princess-cut diamonds, for example, usually use about 80% of their rough weight, so only about 20% of the stone is lost during cutting. Contrary to this, a round diamond uses only about 40% of the original stone, so about 60% of the rough diamond is lost and cannot be used for other diamonds. That’s why they are more expensive.

We’ve explained this in more detail below, along with some additional information on the most expensive and least expensive diamond shapes.

How Diamond Shapes Affect The Price Value?

Even more than a carat weight, color or clarity, shape plays the most significant role in determining the stone’s value. The diamond shape does not only affect the appearance but also affects the price value of a diamond. You can check our Diamond size and pricing page in details.

Diamond Shape Popularity in the market

The popularity of a certain shape determines its demand and thus its price and value. For example, the round cut is very popular in the market. In addition, this shape is often preferred by brides who want an engagement ring with a high level of sparkle. So, they have more value in the market as compared with other fancy shapes. 

How well cut the diamond is?

This is one of the most important factors when buying a diamond. If the diamond has been cut poorly, then the price will be lower as well as the value. It is possible that even if the diamond is flawless, the price will be lower if the cut is poor. A good cut increases the diamond’s fire and brilliance as well as its value. 

Difference’s Between Diamond Shape And Diamond Cut

A diamond cut and diamond shape both play a key role in determining the value of a diamond, but there are differences between them. A cut describes the fire and brilliance of a diamond while a shape describes the shape in which a diamond is cut. 

Diamond Shape

Any customer who decides to buy a diamond will first consider the diamond’s carat, shape, and weight. This is the most significant element when purchasing any jewelry, and the diamond’s shape is the most important element when purchasing an engagement ring.  

The round diamond shape is one of the most popular shapes of all in the world, but the princess and oval diamond shapes are the most popular choices of customers for engagement rings

Diamond Cut

Diamond cut is implement over the surface of a diamond and this surface give diamond good quality of beauty, brilliance and demand in a market. In a diamond cut there is symmetry, proportion, and polish these three determination give diamond cut great enough. Diamond cut recognized how good it is and how brilliance is it by only professional gem person. A good and accurate cut in a diamond is reflect the white light and make it sparkle.

There is a stark and obvious difference between Diamond Shape and Diamond Cut. Diamond Shape refers to a diamond’s appearance and outline, while Diamond Cut refers to the light performance of a diamond according to its facets.

Importance Of A Diamond’s Cut

The most important factor affecting the value of a diamond is its cut. It is the cut that determines if a diamond will look good when worn as an engagement ring. If the cut is poor, then the diamond may appear dull and lose its sparkle. A diamond-cut determined how well the diamond will sparkle and how much brilliance it has.

The cut is determined by the proportions between the crown (the top part), pavilion (the bottom part), and girdle (the side).


Which Diamond Shape Is Popular?

In a diamond shapes there are various types of shapes come but popular one is round diamond shape other shapes also have a good in demand and popular.


Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Brilliant Diamonds are the most common diamond shape found in the market. It is one of the most popular shapes and it gives a good sparkle and light to any jewelry. More raw materials and time are needed to polish and finish round brilliant diamonds than other shapes. That’s why they are the most expensive cut as compared with others.  Round-shaped diamonds have 58 facets, reflecting light from every angle to create a sparkling effect. 

They are beautiful and elegant and can be used in all kinds of jewelry designs and give a great shine and sparkle. They are an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Round diamonds are very popular in the market because of their beauty, elegance, and popularity in the market. 

Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise-Cut Diamonds are similar to round brilliant diamonds. These shapes are 10-25% less expensive than round-cut diamonds. The main difference is that marquise diamonds appear sharper corners at the ends. They have 57 facets, which makes them dazzling from every angle.

They have a unique appearance and give a great shine. They are also very popular for engagement rings because of their long and rectangular shape, which is easy to set against other jewelry designs.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds are shaped like an egg. Oval-cut diamonds are more affordable than round-cut diamonds because they require fewer facets to achieve the same level of brilliance. Oval-cut diamonds also make for great East-West pairings. The best part is that they are 10-30% cheaper than rounds, with an 8% larger face-up area!

They are simple yet elegant. They are perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. They are also ideal for making a statement on your finger. 

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are shaped like a rectangle. They have step facets on one side. The step facets make them appear to be slimmer and cleaner, thus making them a great choice for use in engagement rings or any other jewelry. They also come in a wide range of colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Well, they are 20% less expensive than round-cut diamonds. 

This makes them a classic and timeless choice. You can wear them on casual or formal occasions. They are also ideal if you want to add some color to your jewelry. Emerald-cut diamonds are great for wedding bands and earrings.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are shaped like a square with rounded corners. The name is derived from the pillows. Their softness makes them suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. They can also be used in rings or pendants because of their unique shapes.

Generally, they are 10-20% less expensive than round brilliant cut. If you want to make a statement with your diamond, cushion-cut diamonds are perfect for an engagement ring.  

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are one of the most popular shapes in the market. The name is derived from the effect that these diamonds have on light. If you look at a radiant cut diamond from any direction, it will give off a bright glow. They are absolutely perfect for all types of jewelry designs because of their unique shape and beautiful appearance. Radiant cut diamonds will give off a nice sparkle and shine, which is why they are perfect for all types of jewelry designs.

They have 70 facets which can make them more sparkle. And they are well known for their brilliant flashes of light and great sparkle, and 10-20% less expensive as compared with round cut diamonds. 

Pear-Cut Diamonds

Pear-cut diamonds are shaped in a very unique way. You will see a single drop of water and it looks like the shape of a pear with a pointed top. They have 57-58 facets, and they give off a very beautiful shine that is perfect for all types of jewelry designs.
The pear-shaped diamond is 10-20% cheaper than round-cut diamonds. They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for accentuating any piece of jewelry design.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess-Cut Diamonds are a combination of cushion and radiant shape diamonds with a sharp corner. They have more brilliance and sparkle than any other shape available in the market, so they are the most popular diamond shape for rings. They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for accentuating any piece of jewelry design.

They have 70 facets which can make them more sparkle. And they are well known for their brilliant flashes of light and great sparkle, and 15-20% less expensive as compared with round cut diamonds.

Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart-Cut Diamonds are generally used for pendant and earring designs. The shape naturally draws attention to the center of the heart, which creates a very elegant look. The hearts can take the shape of pointed or rounded corners. Just like all other shapes, they are available in different qualities depending upon their cut and clarity.

Heart-Cut diamonds are perfect for any jewelry design because of their unique shape and size. They also add some feminine touch to your jewelry. But they are 25% heavier and 10-30% less expensive than round cut diamonds. 

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut is named after Joseph Asscher who was a famous jeweler during the 19th century. He invented this shape which has step facets. This shape gives out a lot of sparkle and shine. It is ideal for wedding bands and is very similar to emerald-cut diamonds.  

They are 10-15% more affordable than round cut diamonds because of their unique shape and quality, which makes them ideal for use in engagement rings.

Diamond Shapes Price Table

Below gives diamond shape price table which all are approximate. For a complete price list and carat requirement please contact the enquiry button.

Diamond Shape NameShape DesignPrice Size Details
RoundroundinquiryRound Shape Detail
PrincessPrincess Cut DiamondsinquiryPrincess Shape Detail
EmeraldEmerald Diamond Size ChartinquiryEmerald Shape Detail
AsscherAsscher Diamonds Size ChartinquiryAsscher Shape Detail
CushionCushion cut DiamondsinquiryCushion Shape Detail
MarquiseMarquise Diamond size ChartinquiryMarquise Shape Detail
RadiantRadiant cutinquiryRadiant Shape Detail
OvalOval Diamond Size ChartinquiryOval Shape Detail
Pear Pear Cut Diamond Size ChartinquiryPear Shape Detail
HeartheartinquiryHeart Shape Detail

Which is the cheapest diamond shape?  

Diamonds cuts are expansive from rough stone to proper polish and final cut process are lengthy and expansive, Also some of diamonds cuts take lots of keen time and expertise. In a diamonds cuts multiple types of cuts available.
If jewelers have limited budget to design jewellery there cheapest diamond cuts available which you can use it.

Diamond cut to use in their jewellery, there are two diamond cuts to choose from: Asscher diamond and Emerald diamond cut. You can find the cheapest diamond cut price in the table below.

CUTApprox Price* (1 Carat Diamond Price)
Round Brilliant$7,291

What’s The Most Expensive Diamond shape?

Normally the price of a diamond depends on its quality. But the most expensive diamond cut or shape is a round brilliant cut as it has the highest number of brilliance, fire, and sparkle. A round brilliant cut diamond consists of 58 facets, that used only 40% of rough diamond and left 60% waste. Therefore, the price of a round brilliant cut diamond is always higher than that of a fancy cut diamond.

Why Some Diamond Shapes Are More Expensive Than Others?

Well, this is quite obvious! Diamonds with a particular shape can be found in a limited supply and therefore the prices are higher. The cost of a diamond depends on various factors like its carat weight size, color, and quality. But as mentioned above, some shapes are more expensive compared with others because the price of a diamond price is based on how much rough diamond is used to cut the diamond into the final shape.

What’s The Most affordable Diamond Shape?

Diamond shapes that require the more rough stone are usually the cheapest. Means a diamond shape that does not waste too much rough diamond while cutting and polishing. Well, the cheapest diamond shapes include Asscher, radiant, emerald, princess, and cushion cuts. Asscher cut diamonds are the cheapest among these shapes because they do not waste any rough diamonds.

So if you want to buy an inexpensive diamond, then choose Asscher cut diamonds. Also, keep in mind that the price of a diamond increases when the cut grade goes up.

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